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With the end of 2020, a first important milestone arrives: by joining the Circle of Master Roasters as Honorary Members, we become official testimonials of the Tostabar working method thanks to Eng. Angelo Napoli, proving that a functional and effective work system brings amazing results. 

Il Roasting Corner.jpg

Our Roasting Corner where every day we experiment, breathe and talk only about coffee, of course!


...dal 2022 abbiamo creato una vera e propria Roastery a vista per permetterci di tostare volumi di Caffè più grandi, con una tostatrice K3 della Ing. Napoli & C. Industrie Riunite: una macchina più precisa per sviluppare profili di tostatura più dettagliati.


Being able to develop a volume of work worthy of recognition, based above all on quality and professionalism, such as to appear in important sector publications, makes us very proud and pushes us to continue on this path, to help spread the culture of coffee.


The full interview shot on the occasion of the delivery of the membership plaque to the Circle of Master Roasters

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