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Who we are

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Bar Umberto I, which has been located in the heart of the historic center since 1901, can be considered one of the oldest dining places in the city of Novara. Along the way of tradition with the classic Piedmontese coffee shop without neglecting innovation ...

... which saw the inclusion of artisanal roasting with the last restoration works in 2017, in order toobtain a coffee of quality and character both for administration and for bulk sale, roasted directly in front of the customer. Added to this is a quality cuisine rich in traditional and modern flavors and colors for dining at lunch.

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I introduce myself, my name is Mattia and I invite you to take a seat in the main room or in our Sala Cavour on the first floor for an energetic breakfast, for an exquisite lunch break, for an afternoon tea accompanied with fresh pastries or simply for a coffee while giving look at the news of the day. A pleasant place where I would like you to feel at home, where quality service and courtesy are the masters.

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In the 80s this bar had belonged to my family which made it big; exactly 30 years later, I decided to continue the journey started by my parents, continuing along the same path: the quality of raw materials, the careful selection of suppliers, transparent management, a mentality dedicated to eliminating waste and a green philosophy for the reduction of waste that is harmful to the environment ... ... in the name of good and fair!

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