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A historic bar brought back to its splendor by the new management, because making a good coffee is an art, not a simple service, extracted with one of the best piston extraction machines such as the historic Fame, a tea room on the upper floor where you can enjoy good desserts biscuits and macarones, a sale of roasted coffee of great selections. Finally you can drink a great coffee in the historic center of Novara. (Clauiodbjazz)

I frequent the Umberto I every day, since it changed management. My day doesn't start without their excellent cappuccino and their croissants. I also stopped several times for lunch, always finding different dishes that have never disappointed me, such as, for example, risotto, lasagna, meat dishes with side dishes and abundant salads! On Friday, there is always a fish-based menu. Absolutely not pre-cooked dishes, but freshly prepared every day, never the same. Very cordial and very nice staff, always ready to welcome you with a smile. If you pass in Corso Italia in Novara, you cannot fail to stop even just to have an excellent coffee.
A must try! (CR)

Great Cafè that has recently changed management. Pleasant environment and friendly and helpful staff. Excellent roasting coffee with brioches and biscuits. In the lunch break a varied menu with first courses, second courses with side dishes, single dishes, cold dishes, salads, desserts. Yummy bread. Quality wines. Fresh and typical ingredients of the area. Punctual and fast service. Congratulations! (Aurora r)

If you want to enjoy a Great Caffè in Novara, this is the right place. It is a coffee / roasting shop, where making coffee is an art. Enjoy every moment of preparation (also look at the splendid coffee machine) and, finally, savor the excellent coffee that will be served to you. The bar is in the center, perfect for a pleasant coffee / break. (Biarmicus)

Very pleasant bar with roasting where you can enjoy an excellent coffee and the inviting bike Novara style (greedy). It is located in the pedestrian area of the city. Staff very courteous and very willing to illustrate the various blends. (WaDa04)

Historic roasting in the city of Novara with the possibility of enjoying an excellent coffee. Very popular with Novara people for breakfast, a break or a quick meal. I was attracted by the smell of coffee. (Marialia s)

Really nice place, in the historic center, young and efficient service. Great for lunch break (really fair prices). Great coffee. (VegYang)

Cafè and roasting that also allows a quick snack by serving hot and cold dishes of good quality. Friendly staff and impeccable service. (Dellangelo54)

Cafè in the center, nice and with kind and courteous staff. Great coffee; ideal for a break during a stroll in the center. (Viana_Lucre)

I was in this Cafè for the first time last Saturday and I had a very good time, great service, I really liked the style of the place, very elegant. (SIR Eseicinquantasei)

Great coffee, nice staff. Nice place with a nice "belle époque" style setting. (ivano p ...)

A pleasant surprise. Nice place, nice choice of dishes for a quick lunch. Quick and kind service. Attention to the environment (filtered water, organic herbal teas. Adequate account. Recommended. (Carolina NV)

A perfect, historic café right in the center; equipped with a small room (Saletta Cavour) and services on the upper floor, which is accessed via an original stone staircase. Quality products, highly professional staff, very kind ... and a truly irresistible bohemian atmosphere! (Silvia S)

I am very satisfied ... Great Cafè, very friendly. (rolando f)

Great Cafè for a break, great for breakfast, lunch and snack with lots of delicious things or even to enjoy a good coffee. The staff is kind and the place clean. (Sonia M)

Well-kept Cafè, with artistic designs of great finesse. (Greta B)

Historic, clean, excellent coffee, excellent breakfast, courtesy and speed. Congratulations! (Maximum D)

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